Solar Home Systems

The VITALITE Solar Home System (SHS) provides your home with hours of reliable lighting and power. Our SHS Kit has been designed by German engineers for durability, reliability and to meet the needs of off-grid Zambian households.

In order to make electricity affordable to all income levels VITALITE introduced the first Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) SHS in the country. Please refer to the below PAYGO plans.


The VITALITE PAYGO Standard Pack includes:

  • Fosera high tech solar lamp
  • Fosera Battery pack (LSHS 1500)
  • Fosera lamp (200 lumen)
  • Sun King Eco portable solar lamp with 3 brightness settings
  • Solar charged radio with USB and memory card input
  • Phone charging set with 4 different outlets for any phone
  • Infrared remote control
  • 3 year warranty on the full system* and VITALITE customer care

*1 year warranty on the radio
In 2017, we will also offer a LSHS 9800 system package with a 15.6 inch solar TV.





How to get your Solar Home System?

The VITALITE Solar Home System is available at a cash & carry price and through PAYGO plans.

Cash & Carry

From only K1350 the Solar Home System is your’s and you can enjoy solar power for a lifetime.


Our PAYGO payment means that you can purchase the Solar Home System for only a small commitment fee and the remaining balance is paid off over a maximum of 24 months. These payments can be made via VITALITE sales and services HUB, our trained sales agents or through certified mobile money operators. For more information, please refer to the below PAYGO plans.


PAYGO Plans – Nkongole deals

We offer 3 PAYGO payment plans:

Length:                                        12months| 18months| 24months

Commitment fee:                      from K150

Daily payments:                        from K2.5



What happens if I don’t pay?

If payments are not made, the system shuts off until another payment is made.

What happens when I paid off?

Once you have finished paying, the PAYGO is shut off and you no longer have to pay for power! It’s all yours and you can enjoy solar power for a lifetime.

Solar lamps

We offer portable solar lamps from the Sun King line by Greenlight Planet. Designed to replace paraffin and short-life battery lamps, the diverse solar lights we sell offer adjustable brightness settings, individual solar panels, multi-functional stands and smart mobile phone charging. After a single sunny day of charging, the lights shine for hours, even days, at significantly higher brightness levels of currently available lighting sources.

Furthermore, they are built to be durable and easy to use. You can pick them up, throw them around, drop them, and they will continue to work. At VITALITE Zambia we are about removing barriers so people at the base of the pyramid can access the best available renewable energy technologies. Therefore, quality and durability, are important as pricing.

Sun King Pico
The Sun King Pico is a solar lamp with an in-built solar panel that is designed for durability, performance and affordability. The Pico meets the basic lighting needs of any household. To use, place the panel located on the back of the lamp under direct sunlight to let it charge.


Benefits of the Sun King Pico:

• 3x brighter than kerosene lamps
• Up to 72 hours of light per charge
• 2-year warranty


Sun King Pro 2
The Sun King Pro 2 is a portable solar lamp with 3 brightness settings, an attachable lamp stand, and two USB phone charging ports. The detachable solar panel comes with a 5 meter
long cable for ease of charging.

The lamp is built with a nearly unbreakable water-resistant shell. To use the lamp, plug the solar panel cable into the light and set the panel in direct sunlight to charge. The battery (located within the light unit) can be fully charged using the panel, at which point the inbuilt display shows how much charge it has. You can easily turn the light on/off with a click of the orange button at the back of the lamp.

Benefits of the Sun King Pro 2:
• 15x brighter than kerosene
• Up to 36 hours of light per charge
• Dual phone charging capacity with USB-adaptors included
• 2-year warranty